Never! All products are cruelty-free, meaning neither our products nor any ingredients used in our formulas are tested on animals.

All products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and free of all other harmful ingredients and synthetic fragrances. If you have any questions about any ingredients in the products, we’d love to discuss. Please email us at support@thisbeauty.co or send us a message on Instagram @thisbeauty_co.

Yes, all products are vegan.

Yes, no ingredients in any of our products include gluten.

None! No ingredients have been added to any of our products for fragrance.

All of our products are manufactured in Italy and have passed their rigorous manufacturing standards.
Yes, absolutely! The plastic, metal, and cardboard components can all be recycled with your household recyclables, while the pencil barrel itself is certified organic, and can be included in your household compost.

"Let there be less "

- Ashley