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Meet THIS Beauty.

We take a clean, curated approach for those who crave luxe with less.
Think of THIS as the minimal beauty edit you've always wanted. Fewer things, better products, and the only staples you need in your beauty drawer.

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Luxury is an experience
Our lipstick and lip liner products are made in Italy, with the care and caliber of esteemed tradition. We put look and long-wear above all, but it’s the feeling when applying the product that delivers indulgence.
"A curated approach for only the
GOOD THINGS IN LIFE - beauty included."
- Ashley
"A curated approach for only the GOOD THINGS
AN iN LIFE - beauty included."
- Ashley
meant to move

Ashley Robertson has been a taste maker in the influencer community since 2012.

Through it, she’s taken a curated, less is more, approach to share what she loves from her edited closet to her beauty drawer.

But as a product tester for many brands, her makeup bag was anything but minimal. As someone who loves all things beauty, it contradicted her desire for less, leaving her with overflowing products and too many options.

meant to move
meant to move meant to move

As a mom and business owner, she wanted to create a line of beauty essentials that could effortlessly fit into her daily routine. Ashley mixed her high expectations of products with her desire for less to create THIS...and her makeup bag has been simplified since.